Irvine Fun Run


Brodie Engineering currently sponsors Irvine Running Club. Every year they hold their annual Jim Young Marymass 10K which we also sponsor. This year we had some employees who also completed the run. You can see some of the enthusiastic faces below before and after the race. Well done to everyone who took part!

Not only did those who took part get to see a beautiful sunset on the harbour at the finishing line, but Team Brodie looked as fresh at the end of the race as they did at the start! Remember to sign up for next year and start training if you missed out this year! We hope to see you join the event next year and run with us!

You can see full details for the event in the future or any other events which Irvine Running Club host on their website.

We hope to see you next year, and the year after that, taking part in this great event (and don't forget to check out Irvine Running Club and their events throughout the year!)

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