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Brodie Engineering undertake the repair, overhaul and supply of major rail components, including bogies, couplers, tail-pins, gangways, HVAC equipment, brake actuators, and various valves.  Should you require any equipment repaired or overhauled please get in touch and we will provide you with details of the services we can offer. This includes overhauls of safety critical equipment.

Dealing with Obsolescence

We work with our customers to find solutions where support for components or systems is unsatisfactory or where parts have become unavailable.

Improving Reliability

In order to provide a turnkey service and in response to customers requiring solutions to component reliability problems, we overhaul a range of parts such as brake actuators and wiper motors.

We also design and manufacture components to meet particular customer needs or the requirements of our vehicle overhaul programmes.

Rapid Turnaround

Many component overhaul programmes suffer long lead times due to the lack of float availability. We pride ourselves on minimising vehicle downtimes through our knowledge and experience and our ability to rapidly turn round component overhaul and repair.

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