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Case Studies

156478 Submarine or Train

156478 was resurrected from the depths after being caught in a flood in Scotland. The unit became partially submerged in floodwater on the Glasgow/Carlisle route. The unit remained immersed for several days where the underframe and equipment were flooded and the interior was also water damaged. Upon its rescue was determined to be an insurance write off and was subsequently purchased by Brodie Engineering’s sister company, Brodie Leasing. A C4 and C6 overhaul was carried out on the unit as well as work on all the electricals and a full interior and exterior refresh.

Below you can see a picture of the unit after the water levels had dropped the following day and also the unit leaving our Kilmarnock depot after the work was completed on it:

With the involvement of stakeholders and the assistance of ScotRail, Brodie Engineering repaired the flood damage, undertook a C4 and C6 overhaul as well as upgrading the interior to the latest PRMI specification. 156478 has returned to passenger-carrying service and is now on lease back to Abellio ScotRail, helping them to meet their operational requirements. Since this, the 156478 has travelled over a quarter of a million miles - impressive for a unit that was written off!

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